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FSF Europe Newsletter
By brian, Section News
Posted on Sat Jul 10th, 2004 at 11:52:01 GMT
FSF Europe has published its monthly newsletter for July, with stories covering Georg Greve in South America, the Wizards of OS conference, and support from Firenze Tecnologia among others. The full newsletter is available from FSFEurope.org.


< AFFS, UKCDR & FFII-UK campaign training day (17 July, Reading UK) (13 comments) | Open Letter to the Fraunhofer Institute concerning software patents (13 comments) >
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FSF Europe Newsletter | 14 comments (14 topical, editorial) | Post A Comment
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[new] permanent (#8)
by a member of the hurd (#-1) on Sat Jan 8th, 2005 at 12:37:36 GMT

Dan had the idea of establishing a permanent irc channel on freenode. The idea is that it could be an informal place to chat about coding in and for libraries. It's a newbie friendly channel so feel free to join us if you've never used irc before...and if you are a veteran that's ok too :-)

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FSF Europe Newsletter | 14 comments (14 topical, editorial) | Post A Comment
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