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This page brought to you by: Jonas Öberg, just another GNU friend.
New hosting site for Free Software development
By a member of the hurd, Section News
Posted on Sat Feb 7th, 2004 at 12:49:42 GMT
A new self-organized development hosting facility called "Gna!" has been launched at http://gna.org/. The site is sponsored by FSF France and available to all Libre Software developers and users. It offers the same services as Savannah and SourceForge.


Note from Mathieu Roy:

Philosophically, Gna! follows the lead of the GNU Project. Projects hosted on Gna! will be distributed under licensing terms compatible with each other so that they can be mixed freely. Running these projects on your own machine will not require any non-free software.

The compromise of Savannah last year showed that it is critical to have many Free Software development facilities where projects can be backed up easily.

Gna! was started in January 2004 by Loic Dachary (Savannah's project iniator), Mathieu Roy (deeply involved in Savannah since 2002) and Vincent Caron (involved in Savannah since the summer 2003). The hardware is provided by the Free Software Foundation France (http://fsffrance.org/) and the bandwidth is offered by Free, a French Internet Services Provider (http://free.fr).

Postscript: Where does the name "Gna!" come from?

Mathieu Roy: Someone suggested "Gna is Not an Acronym". Historically it comes from "Gna is Not Axis", the compagny where Loic Dachary was working when he founded the association Gna! that became the FSF France in 2001.

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