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Blocking Site Finder at the DNS library level
By S11 or sirian, Section Diaries
Posted on Wed Sep 24th, 2003 at 14:20:15 GMT
It may seem like a strange update to the DNS libraries available, to make DNS requests return NXDOMAIN when they get the Site Finder IP address. But I feel this would be an excellent solution, even for technical reasons.


  1. All requests that used to return NXDOMAIN now return Therefore, can be considered to be the new NXDOMAIN.
  2. We do not consider the wildcard-resolved domains to be truly valid, even though they return

Please note that the NXDOMAIN IP is different from that returned by sitefinder.verisign.com, because they don't want to have a message saying "we couldn't find sitefinder.verisign.com". There's a much easier way of fixing this, of course, but let's not put it past them.

Sure, it's inconsistent. But it's vicious and effective.

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Blocking Site Finder at the DNS library level | 3 comments (3 topical, editorial) | Post A Comment
[new] hacking the DNS libraries (#1)
by S11 or sirian (#439) () on Wed Sep 24th, 2003 at 14:29:28 GMT
(User Info) http://csserver.evansville.edu/~sc87/

I may add this feature to adns if I feel like it sometime. I have to learn ADNS for a project I'm working on anyway.

I don't think anyone will have much luck making such a change to glibc, as that wouldn't be standards-friendly. Just the objection I sought to get around here. :(

Am I just being crazy here? Should I go off and scream at VeriSign, as suggested by many others, instead?

DotGNU || Free Software in Education group
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[new] google (#3)
by google (#664) on Sun Dec 5th, 2004 at 04:57:09 GMT
(User Info) http://www.18google.com/

ʻ ʻ

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Blocking Site Finder at the DNS library level | 3 comments (3 topical, editorial) | Post A Comment
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