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Guido van Rossum Awarded FSF Award
By paulv, Section News
Posted on Sat Feb 16th, 2002 at 19:50:54 GMT
Python creator Guido van Rossum has won the Free Software Foundations Award for the Advancement of Free Software. Guido receives the award because of his outstanding work with Python and is honored together with the other two finalists, L. Peter Deutsch and Andrew Tridgell. Prior years' FSF awards has been given to Brian Paul, Miguel de Icaza and Larry Wall. More information is available through a press-release from the FSF at http://www.gnu.org/press/2002-02-16-FSF-Award.html


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Guido van Rossum Awarded FSF Award | 6 comments (6 topical, editorial) | Post A Comment
[new] Congratulations, Guido! (#1)
by jonas (#2) on Sat Feb 16th, 2002 at 23:12:43 GMT
(User Info)

I still prefer Perl, but I've been known to dabble in Python occasionally, and I think Guido and the other Python-hackers have done a terrific job with the language. It's fun to note that Larry Wall was one of the members of the award committee :-)

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[new] Award (#2)
by dTd (#169) () on Sat Feb 16th, 2002 at 23:54:07 GMT
(User Info) http://dandanielle.home.mindspring.com

I'm glad to hear Python got the nod, now lets see if tridge can get it next year :)
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[new] Perl and Python (#4)
by kayhayen (#227) on Sun Feb 17th, 2002 at 10:41:20 GMT
(User Info)

I wonder what the invention of Python has done for Free Software yet. I am not so much aware of any important project using it. Probably Zope, but I don't know if it's not for plugins or so. No stop, CML2 for the kernel uses it, right?
Ok, the decision is blessed ;)

As a language, I feel Python is a much needed complement to Perl which I love. And I will even admit that Perl requires too many skills to use it right in a team and Python is better for corporate projects. But Perl has this incredible thing called CPAN.

Anyway. The decision is right. Python has a great future I am sure. Time will tell, if Perl6 can stand it.

Yours, Kay

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[new] Like this website (#6)
by a member of the hurd (#-1) on Fri Dec 10th, 2004 at 08:34:58 GMT

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Guido van Rossum Awarded FSF Award | 6 comments (6 topical, editorial) | Post A Comment
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