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This page brought to you by: Jonas Öberg, just another GNU friend.
By jonas, Section News
Posted on Mon Feb 11th, 2002 at 16:06:48 GMT
I just created a banner on top of GNU-Friends and invented something which alex asked for, namely a Free Software Development Network. You can blame him for it. ;-) Visit us at http://www.fsdn.info/. Update [2002-2-13 20:11:45 by jonas]:: I've made a change to FSDN that I think is sane. Read the entire story for the background and information about the change.


Let me stress first of all that FSDN was a ploy on the OSDN name. Nothing more than that. It was never a serious attempt by me to create a network like OSDN; I could never do that, at least not alone.

But it has become clear to me, from comments here and from the emails I've received that people do want it to evolve into something more serious, so I've created a mailing list where such plans can be discussed. My thoughts can be found in the archive of the FSDN mailing list, which is here. Information on subscription is here. So if you want to see FSDN become something serious, this is the mailing list to join.

Now for the change; as of right now, FSDN is nothing more than a list of websites which are dedicated to Free Software in one way or another. You can submit ideas of sites to me and if I think they are valid candidates, I'll add them to the list. The list is used to create the FSDN banner on top of GNU-Friends, and you may snarf the network list to your own website if you wish, but noone has to do this, and I don't know exactly why anyone would want to, but it's there for those who still want to :-)

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[new] Mailing list available (#11)
by jonas (#2) on Wed Feb 13th, 2002 at 14:38:44 GMT
(User Info)

For those who want to participate and discuss more in depth about what FSDN can be and how we should make sure it gets there, I've created a mailing list that you can join. You can find information about it at http://www.fsdn.info/mailman/listinfo/fsdn.

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[new] FSDN :-) (#7)
by alex (#9) on Wed Feb 13th, 2002 at 08:26:27 GMT
(User Info) http://www.alexhudson.com/

Cool! I've caused trouble again.. :)

Seriously, I think FSDN is a rocking good idea (I wouldn't have suggested it otherwise ;), all we have to do now is get together some decent sites.

I would suggest we contact Loic and put Savannah up there (I'm sure he'd be fine with it)? If there's anything which deserves to be on FSDN, Savannah would be it IMHO.

There's also the Free Software directory on gnu.org, although it's not quite as tarty as FreshMeat. Does anyone know if they export RSS/XML or similar? A prettier front-end would be nice..

Maybe we ought to kick off a few new sites too. The GNU stuff is all cool, but it would be good to have non-GNU/FSF stuff too, just to prove to people that there's more to free software than the GNU project... and there are some "Open Source" sites we don't have free equivilents of.

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[new] Expanding FSDN (#1)
by fitzix (#66) () on Tue Feb 12th, 2002 at 22:34:20 GMT
(User Info)


I'm curious, does anyone have any plans for explanding FSDN? Just a network of sites is great, but I see potential for this in having tutorials and other types of developer resources. Possibly, this could be supplied by having the sites themselves post the tutorials (a good way of doing it) but also perhaps by hosting the material. I'm fairly busy with my own projects right now, but I see a lot of potential for something like this.

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[new] FSDN (#3)
by neil (#78) on Tue Feb 12th, 2002 at 23:31:53 GMT
(User Info)

FSDN sounds like a nice idea. I'll be sure to get freekde.org on it once freekde.org is back up.

By the way, I think you should ban references to "Arial" or "Verdana" on FSDN sites. :-)

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[new] how about ... (#13)
by a member of the hurd (#-1) on Wed Feb 13th, 2002 at 18:17:32 GMT

How about debianplanet.org and userlocal.com? distribution-centric sites but are mostly relevant.

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[new] software? (#2)
by graham (#72) () on Tue Feb 12th, 2002 at 23:18:05 GMT
(User Info) http://opencollector.org/

Isn't this 'just' a webring? A while ago someone asked me to support one, and I couldn't find any free software so I wrote one - never had time to tidy it up properly for release, but if you want it you can get it from http://www.opencollector.org/Backend

Alternatively, how about an rdf or similar format list file so I don't have to bother with yet another one-off set of regexes (are those tabs or spaces?).

Anyway, nice idea.

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[new] Bandwith (#12)
by bryam (#151) on Wed Feb 13th, 2002 at 17:27:46 GMT
(User Info)


How do you pay the bandwith when the FSDN grow?



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[new] Like this website (#18)
by a member of the hurd (#-1) on Fri Dec 10th, 2004 at 08:22:11 GMT

website imiquimod pic bbs Article links sitemap sitemap2 links add Health links all Article freewebpage1 hpv net seocn googlecn

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FSDN Fun | 18 comments (18 topical, editorial) | Post A Comment
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