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Boston Globe Online: Free software vs. Goliaths
By a member of the hurd, Section News
Posted on Tue Nov 26th, 2002 at 15:29:38 GMT

According to this article in the Boston Globe, Eben Moglen, the FSF lawyer, recently donated $20,000 to the FSF.


His speech completed, Eben Moglen retreated into the living room of MIT computer science professor Hal Abelson, uncapped a pen, and wrote out a check for $20,000.

"No doubt he can afford it. Law professors at Columbia University probably earn a pretty penny. Still, the money's going to the Free Software Foundation, the Cambridge nonprofit group that might be termed the Vatican of the open-source software movement. Moglen's been fighting the foundation's legal battles for years, free of charge. You'd think that would be enough of a contribution.

Moglen didn't think so. He'd come to town to appeal for donations from concerned software geeks and couldn't pass the hat without putting in a few bucks of his own.

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