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In the header for all pages, you see a small text in italics, mentioning one of our donors. Do you want to make a small donation too? Great! You have some options for how to do this. No matter which you decide upon, make sure you mention somewhere who the donation is from so we can add it to our database of donation messages.

  • Donate money by sending them to:
    GNU-Friends c/o Jonas Oberg
    Acct no: 5380-0087855
    Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, Sweden
    SWIFT address: ES SES ESS


    GNU-Friends c/o Jonas Oberg
    Acct no: 524756-4
    Postgirot Bank, Sweden
    SWIFT address: PG SIS ESS


    Send a check to the below address. But if you do, please make it for more than 200 EUR, or cashing it will be too expensive!

  • Donate stuff (hardware, software, movies, music, etc) by sending to:

    Gnu-Friends, c/o Jonas Oberg
    Rimfrostgatan 95
    418 40 Goteborg

All donation messages have a weight. The weight defines how often the message will be displayed. The higher the weight, the more will it be shown. The minimum weight is 1. A weight of 1 corresponds roughly to the price of one DVD. If you contribute a DVD, your message (if you tell us one) will get a weight of 1. If you contribute two DVDs, it will get a weight of 2 and so on.

If you contribute money or something else, the value of the contribution will be divided by an average cost of a DVD and the result will be used as the weight.

Simple, isn't it? Oh, and anything that is received in donations and that is not used for running this site will be donated to the Free Software Foundation Europe.