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Interviews (page 4)
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Welcome to the Interviews section
By jonas, Section Interviews
Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2002 at 18:56:36 GMT
This section will later be filled with interviews of people involved in the Free Software community. We will focus more heavily on those who are not already so well known by others in the community but who has contributed significantly to it. We currently have a list of 10 people that we are in the process of interviewing, but would appreciate more names. Submit them to or post a comment to this article.

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Thursday September 11th
· Software Patents Interview with Prof. González Barahona (en español)

Wednesday May 7th
· Interview with Lawrence Lessig

Thursday May 9th
· GNU-Friends Interview Mike Haertel

Friday April 5th
· BBC News: Why software should be free

Friday March 15th
· GNU-Friends Interview Arnold Robbins

Thursday March 7th
· GNU-Friends Interview Karl Berry

Tuesday March 5th
· GNU-Friends Interview Andrew L. Moore

Monday February 25th
· GNU-Friends Interview Guido van Rossum

Thursday February 14th
· GNU-Friends Interview David MacKenzie

Monday February 11th
· GNU-Friends Interview Chet Ramey

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